Keeps bundles from rotating

Manufacturers typically punch round holes for mounts. So, why might they want to punch an oval hole instead?
HellermannTyton Oval Fir Tree Mounts direct wire bundles and cables to route in a specific orientation. This can solve problems OEMs are having with, for example, wire harnesses rotating into the path of a fan or up against a heat source.

Plus, there’s another reason HellermannTyton remains the fastener innovator…

That famous HellermannTyton hold

Our innovative design creates a 360-degree branch configuration, providing full engagement around the hole. In keeping with HellermannTyton’s fastener reputation, these provide low insertion effort and high extraction force.

When installers and manufacturers insist upon uncompromising performance, nobody delivers like HellermannTyton.

Industries that need this product:

  • Automotive
  • Renewable energy
  • White goods
  • Industrial automation
  • Rail

and others