CP20 – 480W, 24V Power Supply in 48mm Wide Housing and Reduced Power Consumption

PULS, the leading manufacturer of the most efficient DIN-Rail switched mode power supplies, has recently released 2 new 20A @ 24V power supplies in the innovative CP Series. The 48mm wide product greatly reduces the mounting space needed in control enclosures. With an energy efficiency rating up to 95.6%, the CP20 series reduces energy consumption, power losses, and heat generation providing longer service lifetime of the power supply and the surrounding devices. The new models include the CP20.241 power supply and the CP20.241-R2 redundant power supply with built in MOSFET isolation that eliminates the need for additional diodes or other modules.

CP20 Series Features:
•100-240VAC Wide-Range Input
•Only 48mm wide
•Efficiency up to 95.6%
•20% Output Power Reserves
•High Peak Current Capability to Trip Protective Devices
•Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
•Unique Design for Extremely Low AC Inrush Current
•Operational Between -25°C and +70°C
-40°C Operational (CP20.241-R2 Only)
•Removable Terminals (CP20.241-R2 Only)
•DC-OK Relay Contact
•UL/cUL 508 Listed
•Class I, Division 2; ATEX; and IECEx (Pending)